Friday, 18 November 2011

Sometimes easy does it

I was uninspired today, so I decided to go with a classic- crisp white shirt and jeans. The hot pink shoes where bought in a moment of weakness- combine that with all that choice you get in a supermarket and voila I have shoes in a colour that was just a level below detest on the hate meter. But you know how it is with things like this, they creep up on you and before you know it you're in love,wore them just to add a dash of colour. I love the faux leather jacket I think they call it pleather but it's not because am a number one PETA supporter the minute I get my hands on a good leather jacket....sigh.
Short and clean-only way I like my nails

 Jacket- Ksh. 400 Thika
Shirt- Ksh 100 Toi
Jeans- The hometown
Canvas- Tusky's
Belt- His
None of this pictures do any justice to the pants, they're boyfriend jeans yep in person I look like a very attractive butch...or I think I do. Am particularly in love with the fact that they have a really short crotch.

My exams are back on schedule now that the lecturers are off their strike so I don't think I can hack posting a lot but I'll try my best. Please follow me by joining the site up there on the right-does a lot for my psyche and while you at it tell a friend. All my love cadets.

Daisy M


  1. Good luck with your exams! I'm in the same case.
    Loving this faux leather jacket, cool outfit!

  2. You do look like a cute butch :) Love the outfit, even the shoes!


  3. this kinda looks that never go out of fashion *love* it x

  4. Good luck with your exams! I'm in the
    same case.
    Loving this faux leather jacket, cool

  5. You are gorgeous and I'm totally envious of your bodily dimensions!
    This is a lovely outfit



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