Friday, 9 March 2012


My net subscription will be gone in less than an hour so I'll make this real quick....I'm of the opinion that there's no particular formula for style, especially when you're trying to make it your own. You think of things, throw them around basically experiment and you hope that it translates to the picture in your head. It doesn't always and sometimes you're the only that sees it but I believe that if you keep at it for long enough the abstract in your head might just shape up and translate into your style. So do tell what shapes do you see or is it only in my head?

This is the dress I was talking about in this post and a going to get it in a size 8 see how that goes...

My hair was so short back then...

Marble dress- Ksh. 800 Style Connections Kenya
Shirt- Ksh. 150 Toi
Jewellery- Assorted


Thursday, 1 March 2012


You have been neglected, the good thing with family is it sets you straight...I got several emails from a few of my lovely readers and it's about time I lived up to their expectations. I'm back my dears and the next few posts will be spent explaining where I've been.

Took this a few weekends ago for coffee with Him...

I bought the top in Toi ages ago and this' the first time I've won it decided to try out the monochrome-ish theme with the white jeans which are also a first wear and I really don't mind how it turned out, you?

creased I know...

nothing quite like the sun in your face...bliss.
Grey top- Toi
White jeans- Fashion drift, Ksh. 450
Heels- gifted
Clutch- nicked from a friend.
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