Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wide leg wonder

I bought this jeans three years ago and they where really really large. Took them to the tailors, had them cinched at the waist and voila: one of my wardrobe staples. I wear them at the very least once every two weeks. History aside, I wore this on Wednesday and I was so lazy busy all day long I didn't find the time to take picture till late in the evening. I will very very soon convince my beautiful amateur photographers'-yes, they're quite a few- to let me post their pictures I promise you won't be disappointed...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A case of the blues

First outfit post...I love firsts, sigh, anyway I woke up early Monday morning because like the typical lazy campus student I hadn't read for my CAT. So my alarm goes of at five and silly me snoozes it for about 20 minutes. when my eyes and will finally decide a partnership is in order I get out of bed, turning on the lights and nothing...The lights are out, I have a paper to do in less than four hours and I haven't seen the inside of this class or the books needless to say I was feeling blue.
I picked this dress my mom used to wear during the weekend. I coveted it for years and when she finally gave it to me- thanks to quite some trickery on my part-I found that it's a remedy for those days when  am not feeling so good. Paired it with a navy zara blouse and a red suede jaeger belt-all thrifted and i was good to go.

it's really flowy


Forgive the background, was on a panya route headed to school. I took the last photo myself, kinda good don't you think?

salute cadets, have a lovely week.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Welcome to my world

When you break whatever fashion rules you think don't suit you, you are my kind of rebel. When your idea of style is not so much what everyone else thinks it should be and you just don't care because you love it, we should be friends. I start this with the hope I'll find more rebels out there willing to take what we like, leaving what we don't all the while appreciating the fact that fashion is an boundless art that cannot be defined. This is to going rogue.

Daisy M
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