Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wide leg wonder

I bought this jeans three years ago and they where really really large. Took them to the tailors, had them cinched at the waist and voila: one of my wardrobe staples. I wear them at the very least once every two weeks. History aside, I wore this on Wednesday and I was so lazy busy all day long I didn't find the time to take picture till late in the evening. I will very very soon convince my beautiful amateur photographers'-yes, they're quite a few- to let me post their pictures I promise you won't be disappointed...

There were a few details on the blouse and pants that were not visible due to the lighting so early yesterday I decided to take more pictures. I'll post yesterdays outfit on Monday and  try very hard to post more than twice every week...fingers crossed.
I wish the pants where longer :-(

See what i meant with the details? the pink stretch with the blue border on the blouse...all I can say is my mom had a faint idea of how to colour block in the early 90's, sort of. I got the necklace from Debra of Gogo jewels and I'm currently craving this little baby. The bag was a gikomba acquisition from long long ago.

Plans for Halloween? 



  1. loves it!especially the statement necklace

  2. Nice retro look, looking good on you and I love the statement necklace and the blouse!

  3. Thank you so much style banter, the neckpiece is quite the stunner
    Emmanuella, I really appreciate your stopping by =D


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