Friday, 16 December 2011

The dark days are over

I wore this just before I got very unwell. I had dreary week, I hate sickness but that's over now.

                       Jeans- Gikomba Ksh.400
                       Top-    Gikomba Ksh. 50
                       Jacket- Juja Ksh.300
                       Turquoise necklace- Mapambo
I should learn some photoshop, make-up, I dare say some modelling too and get a good DSLR. Till then you cadets are stuck with seeing me as I really am.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Not yet a lady

I have been busy; before you tell me everyone’s busy hear me out. That lecturers’ strike that I mentioned in passing here and that I enjoyed thoroughly has become my downfall. Barely a week out of the system and my mind went on format add to that the fact that when they came back we were forced to have a short crash program, now that’s okay except for the fact that as I mentioned before my mind was devoid of all things class. So it figures that am on a crash program in and out of class and it has to be quick as my exams are starting on the 13th and my results from last semester are a bit of a distance from what I deem satisfactory.

On to the stuff that matters here, I was planning to go to church last Sunday you know atonement et all. This was what I wore in that light. My mom made this dress when she was she was in college it turned out so good she took a bunch of pictures in it. I love it so much…cinched it with an old leather belt that I shortened so it could be wearable only at high waist and purple peep toe heels I’ve had for forever. 

 Notice the dress is asymmetrical at the bottom? I'm looking for the perfect statement neckpiece to add to this outfit I think the peter pan-esque collar would do very well with one. Any ideas?

 The tiny envelope clutch was thrifted from a shop at my hometown for Ksh. 150. I love its colour so extremely much. 
see, I don't think ladies do that!
    Wish me luck, better yet wish me focus the good Lord knows I need it. Till the next time, be safe cadets

Friday, 18 November 2011

Sometimes easy does it

I was uninspired today, so I decided to go with a classic- crisp white shirt and jeans. The hot pink shoes where bought in a moment of weakness- combine that with all that choice you get in a supermarket and voila I have shoes in a colour that was just a level below detest on the hate meter. But you know how it is with things like this, they creep up on you and before you know it you're in love,wore them just to add a dash of colour. I love the faux leather jacket I think they call it pleather but it's not because am a number one PETA supporter the minute I get my hands on a good leather jacket....sigh.
Short and clean-only way I like my nails

 Jacket- Ksh. 400 Thika
Shirt- Ksh 100 Toi
Jeans- The hometown
Canvas- Tusky's
Belt- His
None of this pictures do any justice to the pants, they're boyfriend jeans yep in person I look like a very attractive butch...or I think I do. Am particularly in love with the fact that they have a really short crotch.

My exams are back on schedule now that the lecturers are off their strike so I don't think I can hack posting a lot but I'll try my best. Please follow me by joining the site up there on the right-does a lot for my psyche and while you at it tell a friend. All my love cadets.

Daisy M

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Candystore colours

It's been a rough few days, I pray forgive me for keeping you out of my life but that's the first and last of it,I hope. I was feeling so blue today and I just don't know why considering the lecturer's strike freed up my hours and I spent a very long weekend with my mom. I think someone up there wanted a smile on my face because for a few hours the sun was shining so bright...I wore this colourful shorts I recently thrifted from Gikomba and it somewhat lifted my spirits. That and remembering this guy who spontaneously started singing in a very quiet bus I was in yesterday on my way back to school-I looove crazy people 0_o

I've had a thing for flowy shorts that look like skirts for a while now so when this fierce maniac caught my eye I just couldn't say no...I promise I can say no to other things mommy. And it was 50 bob, yeah cheap bitch girl alert.
my skinny legs make their debut appearance
Dancing to the music in my head
side view
The denim jacket was Ksh.200 and the vest Ksh. 50 from the same place. The rest where acquired too long ago can neither remember where nor for how much,well except for the earings which where from mapambo.
To make it up to you my lovelies I promise to post everyday for the next few days...or till you have enough of me and that shouldn't be soon-I hope.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The 254 D Word Mania

UPDATE: The venue on Friday and Friday alone has been switched to POSTA, the map below. Note that this is for Friday alone and the event will be back to Adams arcade come Saturday and Sunday. Am not letting this deter my shopping plans, I hope you won't either.


Three posts in less than 50 hours, I must really love you cadets!!! And to show you just how much,I present<cue drum rolls> The 254 D word mania. Now the organizers of this event are trying to do a number of good things, to quote;
We have over 1000 dresses that we are selling at KSH 800 or less. We want to end the following misconceptions:

1.Good quality fashionable Dresses can only be found at exuberant and ridiculous prices. 
2. Good quality fashionable Dresses can only be found on a one off basis; after foraging (very un-attractively we must add), in toi, ngara, gikomba etc for hours and only finding 3 items that fit u. 

The 254 D Word Sales Event brings over 1000 dresses (work, casual, club, glamour) under one roof each priced at KSH 800; Ksh 600; Ksh 500; Ksh 100 (tops)
The Debut sale is scheduled for Friday November 4th – to Sunday November 6th, @the Adams Arcade Shopping Mall Parking Lot from 10am - 6pm daily. 
All Clothes will only be bought when doors open on a first come first serve basis. See pictures of the dresses here  
There will also be an emerging creatives fair. Young upcoming Kenyan designers, designing jewellery, handbags, t-shirts etc. There will also be a makeup and photogora booth. You can get your makeup professionally done for a small fee by the lovely Tatty, and photography by the lovely Makena all the while enjoying some Music and food.  
We have a special raffle where the grand prize is a genuine leather Sandstorm bag. To enter, people have to go to the Sand Storm website and guess which bag is going to be raffled off. They can post their comments on our fb events page 
It's going to be epic!!!
Best thing about all this is that I am presenting you with a code that will get you a discount, as If the prices weren't ridiculous in the first place, now along with the dresses you can get that boyfriend blazer which by the way should be a wardrobe staple at an even lower price. awesome right? The code you should present is DRC1. 
So lets meet at Adams Arcade starting 1000hrs  on either of the three days this weekend. Better still  for those headed for the safaricom sevens event lets find fabulous pieces to rock for the tournament and it doesn't hurt if one of us leaves with the bag, does it?

Don't forget the code DRC1.


Daisy M


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fly baby Fly...

I'm meant to be reading for a test so I won't say much, I wore this maxi dress today because it was so gloriously warm but then I remembered exactly what kind of people I would have to encounter en route to school <am in one of those campuses that are significantly out of town>...I threw on this leopard print cropped top and since it's kinda large I knotted it. Many thanks to this post  by Wokabie of fashion loves you too for the inspiration.

Bought the green bag at Thika for Ksh. 30. What I really love about it is the fact that it has straps that you can stuff in the bag to convert it into a clutch.
 Got the dress from Curfew of  LED vintage along with the cropped top- I'll link that very soon.
fighting the wind

why fight it when you can fly?
Back to the books...

Daisy M

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wide leg wonder

I bought this jeans three years ago and they where really really large. Took them to the tailors, had them cinched at the waist and voila: one of my wardrobe staples. I wear them at the very least once every two weeks. History aside, I wore this on Wednesday and I was so lazy busy all day long I didn't find the time to take picture till late in the evening. I will very very soon convince my beautiful amateur photographers'-yes, they're quite a few- to let me post their pictures I promise you won't be disappointed...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A case of the blues

First outfit post...I love firsts, sigh, anyway I woke up early Monday morning because like the typical lazy campus student I hadn't read for my CAT. So my alarm goes of at five and silly me snoozes it for about 20 minutes. when my eyes and will finally decide a partnership is in order I get out of bed, turning on the lights and nothing...The lights are out, I have a paper to do in less than four hours and I haven't seen the inside of this class or the books needless to say I was feeling blue.
I picked this dress my mom used to wear during the weekend. I coveted it for years and when she finally gave it to me- thanks to quite some trickery on my part-I found that it's a remedy for those days when  am not feeling so good. Paired it with a navy zara blouse and a red suede jaeger belt-all thrifted and i was good to go.

it's really flowy


Forgive the background, was on a panya route headed to school. I took the last photo myself, kinda good don't you think?

salute cadets, have a lovely week.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Welcome to my world

When you break whatever fashion rules you think don't suit you, you are my kind of rebel. When your idea of style is not so much what everyone else thinks it should be and you just don't care because you love it, we should be friends. I start this with the hope I'll find more rebels out there willing to take what we like, leaving what we don't all the while appreciating the fact that fashion is an boundless art that cannot be defined. This is to going rogue.

Daisy M
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