Friday, 16 December 2011

The dark days are over

I wore this just before I got very unwell. I had dreary week, I hate sickness but that's over now.

                       Jeans- Gikomba Ksh.400
                       Top-    Gikomba Ksh. 50
                       Jacket- Juja Ksh.300
                       Turquoise necklace- Mapambo
I should learn some photoshop, make-up, I dare say some modelling too and get a good DSLR. Till then you cadets are stuck with seeing me as I really am.


  1. That's pretty simple and chic, I like!

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  2. Someone's slacking off:) ebu add new posts...

  3. You're gorgeous Daisy. This look is very original. I love the stone wash jeans with that necklace. You really put the entire look together beautifully. Want to follow each other's blogs?


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