Sunday, 4 December 2011

Not yet a lady

I have been busy; before you tell me everyone’s busy hear me out. That lecturers’ strike that I mentioned in passing here and that I enjoyed thoroughly has become my downfall. Barely a week out of the system and my mind went on format add to that the fact that when they came back we were forced to have a short crash program, now that’s okay except for the fact that as I mentioned before my mind was devoid of all things class. So it figures that am on a crash program in and out of class and it has to be quick as my exams are starting on the 13th and my results from last semester are a bit of a distance from what I deem satisfactory.

On to the stuff that matters here, I was planning to go to church last Sunday you know atonement et all. This was what I wore in that light. My mom made this dress when she was she was in college it turned out so good she took a bunch of pictures in it. I love it so much…cinched it with an old leather belt that I shortened so it could be wearable only at high waist and purple peep toe heels I’ve had for forever. 

 Notice the dress is asymmetrical at the bottom? I'm looking for the perfect statement neckpiece to add to this outfit I think the peter pan-esque collar would do very well with one. Any ideas?

 The tiny envelope clutch was thrifted from a shop at my hometown for Ksh. 150. I love its colour so extremely much. 
see, I don't think ladies do that!
    Wish me luck, better yet wish me focus the good Lord knows I need it. Till the next time, be safe cadets


  1. no trace of Non-ladyism gal.Looking fab.

  2. u have great legs doll u shudnt hesitate to rock them dresses...very very ladylike

  3. LOVE LOVE THE DRESS!!! you make it look good, not everyone can pull that off!! good luck with school


  4. I love the asymmetrical dress. Its perfect for summer and you wore it beautifully


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