Thursday, 1 March 2012


You have been neglected, the good thing with family is it sets you straight...I got several emails from a few of my lovely readers and it's about time I lived up to their expectations. I'm back my dears and the next few posts will be spent explaining where I've been.

Took this a few weekends ago for coffee with Him...

I bought the top in Toi ages ago and this' the first time I've won it decided to try out the monochrome-ish theme with the white jeans which are also a first wear and I really don't mind how it turned out, you?

creased I know...

nothing quite like the sun in your face...bliss.
Grey top- Toi
White jeans- Fashion drift, Ksh. 450
Heels- gifted
Clutch- nicked from a friend.


  1. I love the top, the whole look is chic.

  2. Quite chic! you definitly have style. It had been a while since your last post, glad to see you back :)


  3. welcome back girlie.Naic to have you back.Love the look by the way.

  4. glad you're back :)

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  6. It's good you are back, we your readers had missed you. As always you never disappoint, Excellent blog post!

  7. bitch...where have you been...


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